Font weights don't retain anymore in Big Sur 11.0.1

No issues before, upon installation of Mac OS Big Sur 11.0.1 the demi font weights don’t display with the latest version of Axure 9 -

see video, where upon typing the font reverts automatically to regular weight from Demibold

In the previous version of Axure I was using the demi font weight works fine with OS Big Sur 11.0.1, just that the reported disappearing widgets issue is present. So the fix for the disappearing widgets has affected the demi font weight persisting.

A very poor workaround to use the demi font is to use the older Axure again. - as shown in the below video, but of course all my widgets disappear off the screen. (Can you revert the font change in the latest Axure Axure 9 - release?)

I’m having the same problem with Axure 10, the selected font-weight is changing to another one!

What can I do to fix that?