Fonts are not rendering correctly

I am trying to setup some font size in RP style editor but those are not working.

I have tried to apply “Roboto Medium” and 13px font size but when i view it on browser it shows “Roboto Regular”

can you please tell me how i can fix this issue in Axure RP 8?

Thanks in advance.

Hi sreenivas,

Would you happen to be using a web font entry to set up the “Roboto” font in your prototype? If so, is the Roboto medium font weight being specified in either the linked CSS file or the font-face definition?

If you can post a copy of your RP file (or an example file demonstrating this same issue), we’ll be able to take a closer look and do some further investigating. Please also feel free to email it to us at instead if privacy is a concern. We’ll be standing by!