For team projects - is there a link you can give stakeholders that will always show the latest version of a page/prototype?

In RP9 it looks like each Team project link gets its own ID based on file version. In other words if I check out a file, make changes, and republish the page gets a new link with a new ID.

Is there a way to share a “general” link for a page that I can share that will always just show the latest version?

Hi! When you create a team project on the Axure Cloud, the team repository has its own Axure Cloud ID that gets automatically updated each time you check in or send changes. You can check that team project repository ID in Axure Cloud on the project’s “Overview” page, and it should also be visible in the “Publish to Axure Cloud” dialog:

If you’re currently using the “Publish to Axure Cloud” dialog to publish a .rp version of the team project to the Axure Cloud separately from the team repository ID but want to always use a single ID, then hopefully using the team repository ID instead helps.

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