Form elements from Axure default library are not visible in generated prototype



Form fields are not visible when I generate the prototype (viewed in both in Chrome and Firefox).

I’ve had this issue with the text field widget, the drop list widgets, and the button widget from the default library. I’ve confirmed that the border is not hidden on the text field. The widgets are not set to hidden.

The widgets in question can be found on the home page under the “Find the Right Crane for Your Job” section.

I’ve attached the RP file and you can see the generated prototype here:

Untitled Document
password: HIprojects

I have a client presentation on Tuesday, any help is much appreciated!
Rush Crane 1.1.rp (386 KB)


Hi, Rebecca. It looks like this is connected to your sketch effects settings. Sketchiness = 0 and line thickness = +1. If you set the sketchiness slider to any number above zero–even just 1–the problem seems to go away.

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Perfect! Worked like a charm.


Thanks guys! Definitely looks like a bug, we’ll work on a fix.


Thanks for the heads up! This should be fixed in the latest release candidate,, Release Candidate | Axure. Let us know if you notice any problems.

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