Form Input Error States

I’m hoping there is a way to create form input error states (without resorting to multi object dynamic panels). Is there a way to manage this state similar to the text-field-properties Style effects ?


You might want to take a look at my question in Best way to create modernly behaving forms with changing styles and appearing messages on errors

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Thank so much Sara! I was able to figure it out using interactions in the example you pointed to.

I’m back searching for this old chestnut again… googled the problem and found my own post.

Axure does not do this elegantly. I want to create a single input with an error state that is just a change of border color and a ‘show’ error message.

In order to do this, I have to either create a dynamic panel or overlay the error state above the input - both solutions are messy (especially when you are creating a design system component that will be used by a large team!).

Axure: Feature request, please add ‘Error’ as a Style Effect.

Hi @IOG,

In Axure RP 10, you can create Error style effects and apply error states using a new “Set Error State” action. You can also leverage new event triggers - “Error State Set” or “Error State Removed” - to trigger actions when the error state of a widget is changed. More information on what’s new in Axure RP 10 can be found at: