Format painter missing

Hi everyone!

I couldn´t find the Format painter that was really useful not only to select all styles applied on another element but also to only select the ones that you really need in your new component. Could anyone help me?

I also suggest to have the old interaction panel, the new one is really unhelpful if you have so many interactions in your prototype

Thank you!

Copy widget A
On widget B: Right-click > Paste Special > Paste Style

Unlike axure 8, this copies ALL the style properties from the source

As for the interaction panel: You can pop it out as a full dialog from the bottom right corner of the Interactions panel - there is a gray-on-gray button hiding there :expressionless:

Thank you Iravid! Yes, I knew the right click feature but as you say it copies all and I want to choose the stules and I don´t want it all.

I really don´t know if Axure team develop the user tests to launch this new product… With all the stuff said about so many old features in this forum what it is sure that they need to change an add so many thing lost in the new Axure 9 . In my case I will continue using the 8 version until it is enhanced.

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