Format Painter Tool Removed?

I used the Format Painter Tool very often as i need to work on different patterns and ui schemes.

Is this removed in RP 9 ?

This is probably replaced by Copy > Paste Style. Though you can not select which style to copy.

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I haven’t fully explored this but it looks like the Views in Masters is being used to replace some of the IX Style capabilities.

I cannot find the format painter either, which was a convenient tool when changing the font styles across multiple places.
I cannot find the “Copy > Paste Style” mentioned either.

Besides, previously in Axure 8, the color picker will not be updated automatically, so I can pick the color I want, select the text, and press the change color button directly.
However, in Axure 9, the color picker color get updated automatically when I select the text.

I wonder if there are any recommended ways to quickly updating colors for many text selections.

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I’d be using styles more than anything else if I were you, but if you click on any styled widget and do a normal ‘copy’, then right-click on the destination widget. At the top of the context dialog there will be “Paste Special” which then arrows out on hover to a list of options including “Paste Style”

This is tedious, so I’d use the keyboard shortcut, which is Ctrl-Alt-V on PC.

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