Format text as numbered (ordered) list

Is there not a way to format a block of text as a numbered list? Only bulleted lists appear to be supported in the UI and they are the only type of list mentioned in the Documentation on Typeography.

If not, is there a workaround other than just hard coding numbers into the block of text?

Here are workarounds I’ve used. Would be curious if someone has come up with anything else.

numbered lists.rp (55.7 KB)

To get an indented list along with numbers, in order of complexity:

  1. Use a bulleted list and just enter a number manually (after the bullet)

  2. Use a table with two columns. Style cells as needed, e.g., right-align first column for numbers, top-align both columns.

  3. Use a repeater with code to automatically insert numbers (via [[Item.index]] )

Drawbacks with all of these…

I recommend requesting a feature for numbered lists directly to Axure by sending email to

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Opted to go with #2 and use a table to get the desired effect as it gave me the look and was the easier item to maintain for a simple list.

Still odd to me that this needs a feature request and isn’t already supported.

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I think probably the best and Easiest solution is to create a repeater in which you will insert:
[[Item.Index]]. [[Item.ColumnName]]

In this case the index will handle automatically the numbering and you just have to put inside the column the items of the ordered list. Annotazione%202020-05-18%20131026

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