Formatting interactions

In Axure 8 a certain interaction was displayed like this:

In Axure 9 Beta the same interaction is displayed like this:

I liked that the actual action was displayed in a different color. The action’s options are displayed in a new line which makes it actually easier to read but it also takes a lot of vertical space. What about coloring the options to separate them from the target? There is plenty of space to the right. This would bring action, target and options closer together.
It would look like this:

When the is more than one target it now looks like this:

Really easy to read but really space-intensive. There is an already really separated block of (show) actions. What about displaying this action like this:

This would of course only be displayed like that if it’s really same (show) action not hide or toggle.


Upvote… this will enhance readability and quick scanning. At times, i have to check the interaction specifics across widgets and this makes it easier. Just do not fix what’s NOT Broken in order to get a minimalist UI.

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I agree with this… there was a lot with the old UI that just worked. I’m still struggling with the usability of this new approach.