Formatting specific text field (mask)

Hi everybody!

I need a help, please.
A text field with a format like this:


But the two points and the “-” appears while is typing the numbers…Is that possible???

Thank you very much!

Hi @vannucci,

You have to add “.” and “-” to the text in the text field OnTextChange trigger when you have the right number of characters

See prototype below:
Text-fiel-mask.rp (45.4 KB)


My friend,

When I use delete to go back and clear the field, there is a lock on the “-” not deleting the previous numbers.

Can you help?

Hi @peixoto.rodrigo,

A tricky issue indeed :confused:

One have to change conditions to not trigger when “Back” key is pressed

Text-fiel-mask_V2.rp (46.4 KB)


Thanks so much! Perfect!

Thank you Pierre!!! Excellent!!!