Frequent Crashing with largish prototype

I need some tech support help. My largish prototype has started crashing Axure 8 completely.

I have a lot of things in masters. I am working along, and I go to click on a master to open it when Axure pauses, doesn’t respond and then just disappears with no error message. It’s an intermittent error.

It started a week ago, and now it’s doing it 4 times a day. Please reach out to me and I can send you the file to debug what the heck’s wrong.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Bill,

Hmm, I take it the problem is specific to this particular file, is that right? Is it only crashing when opening masters in your file, not when doing anything else like editing interactions? Do you happen to be working on a Mac or a Windows machine? If you can email your file to us at and let us know your Axure RP 8 build number, your OS version, and which master(s) crash the app then we’ll investigate. If you recall details about anything that changed on your machine a week ago (e.g. OS updates, RP updates, software updates or installs, or hardware changes) then those would help as well.

Please also paste the link to this thread in the email so that we can keep an eye on both correspondences and follow up here with updates. Thanks!

I just emailed you back. I would assume the problem is either:

  1. A flaw that crept into the RP file which can be found and corrected at your end.
  2. A flaw in Axure’s code which is now making it choke and die sometimes.

I hope it is #1. How can I get you the RP file to look at it? It’s 21.7MB, so I would assume it won’t go by email.

I will send it to you when you let me know how I can send it securely.


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Perfect, I received it and followed up with you via email both regarding the file attachment and next steps. We’ll keep an eye out!

I am experiencing this problem also. What was the fix?

Hi carmenb,

For this issue, the problem was seemingly file-specific. The scenario in which the crashes occurred was when opening masters soon after the machine ( a Surface Pro) was woken from sleep, but was intermittent. If you’re running into something similar then please feel free to send your file over to with a link to this thread so that we can investigate. If your issue seems unrelated, we’d still like to take a look at the file if you’re able to send it via email along with additional details about what you do in Axure RP to trigger the crash. Thank you!

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