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I have a series of pages that were built in Axure RP 9 and saw a previous posting that was locked about capturing full-page screenshots - and it not working. I have attempted to capture full page (vertical scrolling) pages within my prototype that get cut off using various browser extensions.

It didn’t seem like the post that was closed from February of '19 provided a legitimate answer, so I was hoping someone else might be able to provide some insight or assistance with this issue.

  1. View my prototype via my share link in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
  2. When using a screenshot tool and selecting “full-page”, it only captures the visible portion of each page in my prototype.
  3. I do not have this issue with any other program

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,

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Try closing the “Pages Pane” ( x button at top left). If that doesn’t work, try loading each page directly instead of via the “prototype player frameset” --so instead of a URL like “…/start.html#page_1…” the page named “Page 1” would be “…/page_1.html”