GA Event Tracking


Hi all

I’m trying to get event tracking working with a prototype that has lots of on-page interactions. Just to test it, I’m trying to get it working on a basic link but having no joy.

On the link, I have an OnClick action that opens a link to an external url or file. in the hyperlink box, I have:

javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘MainMenu’, ‘HomeClicked’, ‘Test’);

GA is working fine in as much as it tracks pageviews, etc, even in real time. But if I go to the Events tab, nothing appears.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?



Are there any errors in the browser console? Is your code correct?


No errors in the console. I’m assuming the code is correct as I’ve seen it on the Google site, and others.

The thing I can’t work out is when I do an ‘inspect’ on the link. There is no href or anything in the html


Axure links aren’t anchor tags. All the linking happens as part of Axure’s JavaScript framework.

If you’re expecting <a> when you use an Open Link action that’s not going to happen.

Maybe someone here knows enough about GA to help you with that. I don’t know enough to troubleshoot that part.


Did anyone figure out how to get event tracking to work?