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I am saving my axure out as a local “generate html files” so on my desktop it’s a folder with my axure and all the pages in it. Here is my question. When I choose. generate files “without sidemenu” the sidemenu is showing up for other people that open it but not me. Does anyone know why?


Hi Frozen42,

Would your colleagues happen to using either the “index.html” or “start.html” files to open your prototype’s generated HTML output? For the locally generated HTML, the sidebar will appear depending on which file is opened: opening the index.html or start.html files will launch the prototype’s home page with the sidebar open, while opening one of the page’s HTML files directly (e.g. “page_1.html” for a page titled “Page 1”) will launch that page with the sidebar closed.

Clicking “Generate” in the Generate HTML dialog will automatically open the HTML file corresponding to the selections in the “Open With” section in the browser, however the generated files themselves won’t be affected by those selections. If your colleagues would like to view the generated HTML without the sidebar, they’ll want to launch the prototype by opening one of the page’s HTML files directly (or the “start_c_1.html” file, which will open it with the sidebar minimized).

Hopefully this helps clarify some things! Please let me know if you have any questions about this.


This is super helpful and works perfectly when I am creating the link and specifying click on start_c_1.html.

What about the published link from axshare.com. Those are just links I am sharing with people that axure generated the link and it opens the side menu. I have asked to have it without the side menu when I have published it. Am I doing something wrong there too?


Hi @Simon_Axure,

I’m having an issue when generating files, my “start.html” files are not being updated… this means that when I generate the html, it generates all the different pages but the ones called start are super old… how can I change that? The index.html is not showing my sidebar either… I called my first page though Index, could this be because of that? Attaching a pic for further info…


In case anyone else had the same question, the dates that show for the start.html and index.html files are correlated with the date that you installed/last updated to a new build of Axure RP, which is why you may see that they don’t match the dates on the rest of your files. Those will update again the next time you update Axure RP, since these pages don’t change and are packaged with the app itself. :slight_smile:

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