Get changes before you start

When I’ve worked with others on shared projects, I always have to remind them to get changes before they start. This is because not doing can cause hilarious chaos.

Forgive my ignorance, but is there a reason why Axure doesn’t at least pull down the changes when you open a shared project? For that matter, might it “auto poll” for changes? It auto-saves after all.

This would be awesome.

Even just a notification that there are changes to get would be good. Perhaps some icon status on the site map or something so you could make a judgement about whether you should get changes or not.

Absolutely agree!

+1. This is an obvious feature to add.

Ooooh, yes. +1 here too.

I came into the forums looking for discussion on this issue–I’m amazed that this years-old feature request hasn’t been considered or implemented. Is anyone from Axure monitoring these?

Hi ag725,

It looks like this feature is still being evaluated, but I can go ahead and let our PM team know that there’s continued interest for this. Axure RP 9 is currently in development, so hopefully we can see some of these features implemented in the new release!