Get Team Project lists only folders, not files or wireframes


In Axure RP 9 when I go to Team > Get and Open Team Project, I can see my Team Workspace and all of the folders that it contains, but there are no files to select. I can confirm that the files are there by logging in to Axure Cloud where I can drill down through the workspace to each of the files and wireframes.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Hi Justin,

Sorry for the delay. It sounds like the team projects you’re looking for were created in version 8. Version 8 team projects can’t be opened in version 9, so they’re filtered from that list.

If you want to continue working on those projects in version 9, you can export them and create new team projects. To do so:

  1. Open a team project in version 8 and make sure you’ve gotten all changes.

  2. Go to File > Export Team Project to File and export the team project to an RP file.

  3. Open that RP file in version 9 and use the Team > Create Team Project option to create a new team project.

I hope this helps!


Thanks Ben that was the issue. Migrating the wireframes to an RP9 created file allows them to be seen now once they’ve been shared in Axure Cloud.

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