Getting Dynamic Panels to affect one another

I have an issue that I am not sure how to solve.

I have 9 different dynamic panels on the screen under the label: Tell us about yourself:
Options are: I like dogs, I like cats, I like pasta, etc…
If one or more, or all are selected I want to display a “Next” button.

If none are selected, I want to hide the next button. Also, any of these 9 options are selectable, meaning any combination can be selected.

How can I show the “Next” button if 1 or more of these 9 options are selected and then hide the “Next” button if none are selected?

Each of these Options has 2 states: Unselected and Selected with a check mark indicating the selected option.



A reliable way is to keep a counter of how many items are selected, and if that counter is greater than 0, enable the Next button.

Here’s an example (with explanations)

Live sample

File: enable_upon_any_selection.rp (162.8 KB)

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Wow… thats awesome! Thanks!