Getting one DP to trigger another dynamically

Let’s say I have 3 DPs, which I’ll call DP1, DP2 and DP3. They all call a single DP, which I’ll call DP4. Once DP4 has completed its thing, then DP1, DP2 or DP3 (whichever one triggered DP4) will be triggered to do something else.

How can I do that?

It kind of depends what you want DP4 to do and what you want the final action to be for DP1/2/3:

I could imagine a solution where DP4 has three states (State DP-A, State DP-B and Statre DP-C).

If DP1 triggers DP4 (State DP-A) and State DP-A has a series of actions culminating in an action for DP1 to then do its action, the other states could then be applicable for DP2 and DP3. That might work

Alternatively, you might be able to do it with a conditional action - effectively saying that if DP1 triggers DP4 then make things happen with the final action being to get DP1 to do the final thing you wan tit to do. then repeat this with the other DPs …else if DP2 …else if DP3

The answer is vague, because the question lacks context and details. If you had some kind of file, it might be possible to be a bit more specific.


Actually, either one of those approaches will work! The first approach is completely straightforward so I’ll try that first. Thanks a lot!