Getting the URL to a team project

Previously, we shared projects using SVN and exported them using the Share button. When you do that, the Share dialogue provides you the URL to which your prototype will be published.

Now we use Axure Share, and in general it’s much easier to deal with than SVN. However, the one snag is in getting the URL to the prototype. Since we no longer use Share, we are never provided it within Axure. Right now, our only way to find it is to login to Axshare, track down our newly-published project and discover the URL that way.

Is there an easier way?

How are you getting the projects into Axure Share? Whether I choose Share or Publish, I get a message like this, that includes the link:

I’m bypassing both Share and Publish and am just checking in individual pages. That generates an updated prototype. So I never see that dialogue you posted above.

I found in that same dialogue box you posted. I don’t normally click Publish since that’s not part of the flow to publish a new prototype. But if I open that up, I can get the URL. Then I close it again.

Hi PabloBold,

You can check your team project’s AxShare URL by going to “Publish > Publish to Axure Share” in Axure RP’s menu. When you have a team project open, the “Publish to Axure Share” dialog will have a new section indicating the URL:

Any changes that are checked in will be automatically updated to that URL. Whenever you publish a team project via the other options (“Create a new project” or “Update an existing project”), a separate version of the project will be published with its own unique AxShare URL.

I hope this helps!