Global variable challenges

So, I’m very new to Global Variables and really want to understand this, but I’m having some difficulty.

I want to set Global Variables for a Signed In state and a Signed Out state. In a “Primary Nav Header” Master, I have a dynamic panel named “AccountButton” that has a “SignedIn” and a “SignedOut” state. When the “AccountButton” is clicked, it shows a dynamic panel named “RegistrationModal” that allows users to sign in or register. When the user clicks the Sign In Button, I want it to use the Global Variable to change the “AccountButton” to the SignedIn state and keep it that way throughout the prototype. And when the user clicks the “Sign Out” link in the “Account Dropdown”, I want to use the Global Variable to set the “AccountButton” dynamic panel to the SignedOut state. And I also want to use those Global Variables to Show/Hide and Set Panel States for different elements on different pages based on the Signed In vs Signed Out states. I’m including a couple of sample pages in my file here to demonstrate what I’m trying to do (and failing miserably at). One example is that if the user Signs In from anywhere, I want to Show the dynamic panel “MyCECoursesModule” when they come to the 2.1 CE Course Library page (and conversely, if they Sign Out at some point along the way, that “MyCECoursesModule” would not be displayed. And then if they click on the “ManageMyCourses” link they would go to the 0.1.1 User Profile page and using another Global Variable I would like to set the “AccountProfileDP” to the “ProfileMYCECourses” state and set the “Tab 4” to selected.

I went through this tutorial recommended by someone based on an earlier post for this issue ( but I can’t seem to translate it to my more complicated scenario. For quite some time, I’ve been using bad work-arounds to accomplish things like this, but I really need to start using the powerful Global Variables as they were intended.

I can’t tell you how appreciated any help would be on this. TIA.

GlobalVariableTest.rp (5.9 MB)