Global variable default value

Hello, I am using RP 8.
I am trying to create a simple form.
I would like though to have an option that the fields will be get default values if I click a certain button and the flow will continue to the next state there the default values will be shown.
I have populated default values on the global vars but they don’t show.
if I populate the fields than the values do show in the next state but not the default values.
what should I do for to to be able to show the default values?

Can you share an example? Can’t tell you what you’re doing wrong if we don’t know what you’ve done.

To “show” a variable, you can do something like:

Set text on Widget to: [[variableName]]


You can also hit the “Console” button in the left side of the browser when running your prototype to see the current values of all of your global vars.

Hi Guys, thanks both for your reply - I am sorry it is long - I hope someone will have an Idea how to make this work please :slight_smile:

I will try to add some more details… it is a bit difficult to share but I will try…
In a nut shell the project is a store - the user can login or register and buy,
when registration the user put personal details in a form and in the later states the name is shown see:

when done populating all the fields in the form - user hits ‘NEXT’ (hot spot that move to the next state) in the next page it shown:

It is also shown in many other places later… I did it like this:

I want to have an option that If I don’t populate the filed in the form than in the next pages the default value will be shown but it doesn’t. see:
I have set a value on load of Home:

I am not populating the User field:

and in the Console it shows the value I placed on load but not in any of the text boxes I expected…:

HI …
I got it it is ok now…
I have added the following to each parameter:

thanks all…