Global variable value transport

Hey, i have a problem with creating high fidelity prototypes.
In short: I have a list, and i have “add to list” action which is happening on the new page, so i need to transport the name user types in, and afterwords it should appear as a newly created item in the list.
so i create a new global variable, and say that onPageLoad, my newly added item will appear with a name, everything is fine, but one thing.
The newly added field can not have a default value, it reads it as there was no value added, so it appears empty

How can i make default values on fields, which can be overwritten when entered a new value, if not, it remains as a default

What are you using for your list? Is it a repeater? It would be helpful if you posted your .rp file.

i can’t share it, but can say it in less complicated words.
two pages.
field in a first page, must pass data (user input) in to the next page.
but if i open second page it must show default field value.
now, it show blank, even overrides hint text to blank.
i want my second page have a default value.

What kind of widget are you using for your list on the second page? Is it a droplist? A list box?

It’s not possible, currently, to set the options in an HTML droplist or list box using global variables. However, there are custom multi-select widgets available in the default ‘Sample UI Patterns’ library which are made up of other widgets, which you can dynamically set based on a global variable.

I’m not entirely clear what you’re trying to do here (set a default if the global variable is blank, otherwise set it on the list, I think?) but you could apply a case to the page load to see if the global variable has anything in it. If it does, set the list value (as above, in a custom list widget), if it doesn’t, do nothing.

If you are able to extract the elements we’re discussing from your working file and anonymise them, it really would be helpful.

Since you’re using a global variable, add a special case with a condition that checks if the variable is empty.

Or more simply open the global variable window where you created it and set a default value.

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Your are awesome! it will definitely will improve my ux test