Global variables are not applied when using external links in inline frame for Axure page loading

When using the “Open Link in Frame” action, enter the external URL in a format such as “page.html”, the Global Variable is not applied.
Is it a bug? This is a very important issue because the project uses the page name as a global variable.

Please check the attachment file.

Bug_InlineFrame.rp (52.3 KB)

Depending on your point of view, it is either a bug or a new feature request. Either way, you’ll probably want to contact

The only thing your fellow users can do on this forum is offer workarounds …and maybe commiseration. This issue has been a problem for me in the past when I’ve needed to build complex screens with inilne frames and to provide an in-app “Back” (to previous screen) where multiple previous screens are possible. The best I can explain it is when you open an external link it is in its own “web space” and variable values do not carry over. For a truly external source this makes sense, but it seems reasonable for Axure to know the difference between an HTML page which is “in the prototype” vs an “other site.” On the other hand, the means they have provided for this is pretty straightforward and easy: Open Link : Select Page. So, in my opinion it is not a bug (nor have I seen it documented anywhere by Axure that what you’re doing will support global variables.

Whatever. Right? The only workaround I’ve found is to have a set of conditional cases that open a page “the right way.” So if you have a global variable named 'MyPageVar" and it gets set to [[PageName]] of a page named “Child Page 1” or “Child Page 2” etc. then create cases like,

If MyPageVar contains “1”
Open Link in Frame
Child Page 1
Else if MyPageVar contains “2”
Open Link in Frame
Child Page 2

I’ve found it helpful to make the inline frame a Master, and use its Moved or Resized event to pack in the conditional cases, so it is more easily replicated and updated when you add more possible pages later. The scenario here is if you have a button which would normally just open a link, it would instead “Fire Event (Inline Frame) fire Moved” …then, provided you never actually move the Inline Frame, its Moved event tests the global variable and opens the appropriate page–with all global variables intact.