Global variables default value keeps changing on its own - axure 9

I have a file where I’m using a global variable named “varErrorCount”. I set the global varErrorCount to “0” from Project > Global Variables.

varErrorCount default value is changing at random, this should never happen. I may open a page and look at the value under Project > Global Variables and it says 0, I look back later and it says -7, or 5, or 2, or any other random number.

It also changes between pages, see attached screenshots where I set the varErrorCount to 0 when I am on one page, but when I go to another page and look at the value for the variable … it is different.

This seems like a big bug because I can’t trust the system to execute the logic because my default values for my variables are changing at random.

Page where varErrorCount is set to 5 (I had previously set to 0)
I reset to 0

I know navigate to another page
Open global variables
varErrorCount is now 2!!!

Looking forward to your responses!

I am having a similar problem; I have a rather massive prototype with plenty of variables, and for some reason the default value for some of the variables isn’t kept even if I simply:

  1. open the RP file
  2. change the default value (“Project - Global variables”)
  3. save the RP file
  4. close Axure, and
  5. reopen the RP file in Axure.

This seems like a bug.

Hi asbjorn,

That does sound very odd! I’ve just tested out working with some global variables on Mac OS (10.14) and Windows 10, saving changes and closing/reopening the project file, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior yet. As a first troubleshooting step, please ensure that you’re running the latest build for Axure RP 9. You can check on this by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates”. If you’re still seeing this issue after updating, please let me know. More information about the operating system you’re using, and whether this behavior reproduces in new project files would be very helpful. If this doesn’t appear to reproduce in new files, please send in a copy of a project file where you’re seeing this behavior. If you would prefer not to share the file on the forum, you can email the project to our support team at instead. Thank you!

Hi Chelsea.

This is embarrasing, but I did some more digging and found that the variable in question was being set when the prototype was running. So nothing wrong with Axure itself.

It does feel a little strange though, that things that happen during “prototype runtime” in the browser affect the global variable values shown in Axure RP itself. Is it supposed to be like this? It makes sense to show the global variables’ “live” values in the console (in the web browser), but not so much within Axure itself.

For the record, I have the latest version of Axure RP9:

Same problem here. .rp file default value changes on their own. Seemingly from events in the browser. Repeater column summary scenario.

Default value changes once i hit the Preview button. This has been killing both my self esteem, and my non-developer brain for days.
Reading this thread was good though :smiley:

Hi all! I wanted to update this topic to let you know that after some additional reports and testing, we have been able to reproduce this issue on our end and there is now a bug report filed.

It seems like if a global variable has a default numerical value (“0”) and a repeater has an Item Loaded event that sets that global variable to something like [[GVARname +1]], the global variable shown in the global variable dialog increases when selecting or modifying the repeater, as if the value is increasing as the repeater reloads on the canvas

One other behavior we saw was that this only displays on the previewed or published page when you open the application’s Global Variables dialog and leave the unexpected values alone. If you open the dialog, set the values back to zero, and then keep the dialog closed going forward, then the unexpected variables won’t display as added to the published project.

I hope this helps some! :slight_smile:

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