Gmail/outlook-like email id entry field

Hi friends,

Is there any way we can build a gmail-like or outlook-like email entry textarea where once we select from an auto-suggested drop-down list the selections change themselves as pills and go and sit within the textarea with an active cursor next to the latest pill added?

-Mani B

My first thought would be to make the widget inside the “To” repeater a dynamic panel with one state being the pill and the other being a text input. Then set the OnItemLoad to if item IsLast then set panel to text input else set to pill.

The real trick will be getting the popup list to align with wherever the text input is. If it’s a static list then you can just include it inside the text input’s panel state. If it’s dynamic (meaning it, too, is a repeater) then you’ll have to find a way to move it to make sure it lines up. Doing something like:
OnTextChange Move EmailList to This Left
might work but dynamic panels can make positioning a challenge.

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