Google font not working on Axure share?

Hi guys,
I’ve crated a prototype site and punblish it to Axure Share.
However, there is an issue that others are not able to view the correct font in the link.

I am using Roboto, which is a Google font, so it shouldn’t be having this issue.
But now if the person didn’t install it, they cannot seeing it on the page.
(We also inspect the code in the browser it does say the font family is Roboto…)

Any ideas on what’s the problem here? Thanks!!

Roboto font:

Are there any errors in the browser console?

Hi! To add on to nkrisc’s question about errors in the console, if you’re able to post your .rp file here (or email it to then that would help to verify that nothing in your project settings is contributing to the rendering issues that your users are running into. Thanks!

Hi mcc, make sure to add Roboto in your prototype generation settings!

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