Google Material Icons Widget Library for RP 8 (Icon Fonts)


Hi MG,

It looks like Google has updated their icons to include an outline section (amongst other new icons). I’ll bring this up with our product team to see if we can update the widget library/post to include these. :slight_smile:


I am getting some really annoying and weird behavior trying to use this library. (In Axure currently)

  • If I resize the width handles (keeping the same font size) the icon will not render when generating HTML files. Resizing vertically seems fine. It appears in Axure fine.
  • If I have multiple material icons next to each other in an object (say 5 stars in a row) and I try to change the font color of some of them (not all), weird shit happens. I’ll get stuff like a very long row of spaces/red dots (i assume spellcheck is doing that?).

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