Great things about Axure 9


As you might have noticed I just started playing with Axure 9. :smile: There are many things I like about it.

I love that you can type to filter the interaction you want, then the command you want, and THEN the target that you want, all by just typing and hitting enter for each option, with focus advancing properly. You don’t even have to reach for the mouse. (It starts to feel like coding in a way.)

Feature request: continue to advance keyboard focus so after choosing the target, you don’t need to use your mouse to specify how the command will change the target. For example, if it’s a Set Text command, after hitting enter to choose the target, put focus in the field where you specify its text.

The way you navigate through dynamic panels is very smart. I love it.

I like that there is more room to type in values, so you don’t have to hop into the FX dialog just to type a simple expression:

There are a lot of complaints about it on this forum, but I like that you can view negative coordinates. I often tuck things away off-screen: e.g, a menu that slides in from the left. That said, adding some intuitive way to restrict views to non-negative coordinates might make a lot of people happy.

Also, strikethrough of text, as well as super- and sub-script. No character spacing yet, but still.

An option for the Move command now includes trajectory: either straight or on predefined arcs. I wouldn’t mind more customization of the curve – like setting the diameter of the arc that the two points live on – but this is a great start.

I haven’t played with creating a mobile prototype, but it looks like Axure is taking this more seriously than before, and I like the direction of it. For example, how you actually have a “fingertip” when viewing it on the desktop (though I wish the finger weren’t so huge), and it scrolls with momentum. All of this bodes well. I all-but abandoned Axure 8 for the lack of decent mobile support. Let’s see how this feels on a touchscreen desktop/laptop, as well as on the mobile device itself.

Feature request: optionally display the prototype framed by an image of the selected mobile device, when viewed on the desktop. (Framer does a great job of this.)

They need to add many more predefined devices, though. Just put a filter on the top of the list.

Looking forward to more updates!

Mac build 3617

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