Hand-off parts of Axure generated code to hand-code prototypers?

Is there a way to pass along copy-paste-friendly HTML, CSS and JS to hand-coders on my team, for their hand-coded prototypes?

I made a date-picker in Axure. The hand-coders on my team don’t use Axure, but would like to use my date-picker. Are there HTML, CSS and JS parts in Axure-generated files that I can copy-paste over for them to use?

Here’re my RP file (uploading a zip of axure-generated files isn’t allowed):
partsKit DatePicker.rp (511.3 KB)

If you publish to Axshare, you could give them a URL to iframe. Depending on the implementation this may or may not be a great fit.

Thanks for the tip, unfortunately, Axshare is verboten per my employer. Plus I was hoping to “componentize” this so my hand-coding prototyper-buddies could copy/paste it into their handcoded prototypes.