Having issues on getting the ID column of the repeater to increment value


I have tried to use the [[TargetItem.Repeater.itemCount + 1]] as the ID column when i add a new value. However, when i tried to do so. i couldn’t get it to do a check in the case condition. So lets say, i add a condition of [[Item.ID]] equals value 4. I couldn’t get it go into that case, but when i set text with the Item.ID, it is giving me 4. I am not sure how i can solve this.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Are you still running into issues with your repeater? If so, would you mind posting the file that you’re working on and pointing out the widgets involved in the interaction along with what the expected behavior would be? This would help to allow the community to take a look at your current setup to better advise. Thank you!


Sorry, no issues anymore. Not sure why retyping the condition can work. Thanks