Having issues with tabs

Hello community. I need your prototyping expertise on this. As a newbie, I’m struggling to get this prototype to work.

  • It has different tabs and each tab has a product card displaying info when is clicked.
  • By default, Tab 1 is selected and the product card is displayed.
  • On ‘click/tap’, the user can use the left and right chevrons to navigate the different tabs, going from left to right.
  • When user ‘click/tap’ e.g. tab 2, the tab is highlighted and the corresponding product appears as well. e.g. product card 2

I don’t know what I’m doing right with the interactions. Help please.

Here’s the rp fileTabs.rp (47.3 KB)

If you look in the Libraries pane in the bottom left of your window, you should be able to select the ‘Sample UI patterns’ library. There’s a demo set of tabs in there you can build from, which uses selection groups (for managing the tabs themselves) and a dynamic panel (for displaying tab content).

Thanks @davegoodman. I’ve managed to solve the issue. Cheers.

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