Having two dragable items on top of each other

I am trying to create a scrollbar where the user can drag the scroll control and resize the scroll control to.

Dragging the blue scroll control should move the control (and white circle) up and down the slider bar. This works as expected.

Dragging the white circle up/down should resize the slider control. This is not working as expected. Instead, it gets hidden as I drag. I know it’s something to do with the height of the dynamic panel, but when I increase the height to match the height of the slider control panel, I loose the ability to drag the slider control.

Any help would be much appreciated.

In instances like this it’s immensely helpful if you can share your RP file. Without seeing what you’re doing it’s hard to know why it’s not working…

That being said, here’s a sample that I think replicates what you’re trying to do? Have a look and see… Basically I have two dynamic panels that are each draggable with a seperate drag action on each. The white one moves the blue one with it and resizes the gray bar too. I didn’t set a boundary for the white one, but probably should? I’m guessing you may also want to resize the blue bar based on some percentage. Dragging the blue ones moves the blue bar with boundaries based on the gray bar.

If you can share your RP file I can be more specific as to why what you were trying to do might not be working.

doubleDragger.rp (50.5 KB)

Hello UXProtoTyper

Thanks for your response.

It is actually the blue bar I want to resize when I drag the white circle (similar to a volume control), not the outer “boundary” scroll bar. And then I want to be able to drag the blue bar and circle (together) to move the widgets up / down the scroll bar.

I am attaching my file… I hope this helps!

Thanks, Caroline

scrollbarDoubleDragger.rp (53.0 KB)

ok, so the colors in your file are different than the image :slight_smile: Don’t mean anything by that other than to excuse myself if I dorked this up!

So here’s what I did… the dragging the blue circle resizes the red scroll bar. Dragging the red bar will move the blue circle with it but not change the size. Is that right?

If that’s correct, I think the reason this wasn’t working is that your dynamic panels were set sizes and weren’t able to resize. Also, it looks like some of your interactions were being performed on groups inside of the dynamic panel vs the group itself. I tried to simplify the structure a bit by removing the groups and putting all of the actions on the dynamic panels themselves.

Is this closer?

scrollbarDoubleDragger.rp (52.8 KB)

Brilliant… thank you!

Sorry about the colour change… I thought I’d saved the updated colours!

No worries. Glad this gets you closer to what you need!

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