Help! Adding row from one repeater to another repeater


I am using josephxbrick’s sample with two repeaters but have a difficulty with the correlated repeaters. I am trying to repeat the some pattern.

May I please ask if, by any chance, anyone could please help me to figure out how to make the correlated repeater appear on the right side when I click on the button?

question1.rp (464.5 KB)

Thank you in advance!

Updated file: question1.rp (478.9 KB)

Everything is working now, but the correlated repeater appears on a checkmark instead of the press on the ‘Add’ button.
May I please ask you to help me with this remaining issue?

Thank you in advance,

I was able to figure out and find solution

Hi Natalie!

Sorry for the slow reply. I’m glad you figured it out. (I just noticed this message after working on your first one.) I ran into a number of problems:

  • You were referring to colValue instead of colValue2 (for both repeaters) in the mark/unmark row commands in the listener
  • You had code in OnClick of the checkbox itself that was trying to attempt the marking, which I removed
  • For whatever reason (I couldn’t figure it out) your Add button simply wasn’t responding to OnClick
  • The condition in the listener testing for selection of the checkbox always returned false.

Here’s what I ended up with (which you probably no longer need): question1.rp (440.2 KB)

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Hi Joseph!

Thank you sooooo much!

Your solution is phenomenal and it is perfectly in time! Your solution eliminates so many workarounds that I tried to come up with :slight_smile: I followed your instructions and here is result.
question1.rp (869.5 KB)

Many thanks again,

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