HELP: "Load More" on scroll/Set panel state

I’m trying to simulate a “load more” on scroll, and when that happens, I’d like to zoom out the map to show more area and “pins.” I set a dynamic panel of a map to have two states: one on initial load with just 10 pins, and then the other state to have 10 more pins with a zoomed out map. The idea is to have the second state of the map (20 pins, zoomed out) be set when my repeater hits the count starting at Item number 11. I tried achieving this a few ways, but have had no luck. The file I uploaded includes one of the ways I tried achieving this: On Cards (dynamic panel) scroll, when a scroll widget (“content scroll” dynamic panel) is over area “content bottom” dynamic panel, set Map DP to State2. I’ve had no luck. I’ve tried setting these “content scroll” and “content bottom” out on page and doing a window scroll, but that doesn’t work b/c I need my repeater to be the one that scrolls and only to show a fixed number of cards within a fixed height of the Cards DP.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

LoadMore.rp (674.6 KB)