Help please! Scrolling problem

If I click on the Search button on 2nd page and buttons (Campus, Sports, etc…) in the 3rd page, I am not abling to scroll on the 4th (Home) page. But, if I skip clicking on those buttons I mentioned previously, I can scroll on the 4th page. Please help me!

DormPress Prototype II.rp (4.3 MB)

This one is interesting. Might be an Axure 9 bug. If you interact with the search button, and go to the homepage, it doesn’t let you scroll. But on that page, if you open any of the Axshare prototype panels (Pages, Comments, etc.) then the scroll starts working.

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Wow w00t. You saved my day. Thank you very much! Yeah I think that is a bug. Can you report this bug to the Axure team? Cause, I have no idea how to report a bug.

For what it’s worth, I am having a similar problem with a scrolling panel that won’t scroll until I open/close an Axure panel. To add a twist, the behaviour is different depending on how I invoke the command to display the panel,
test scrolling of master.rp (139.6 KB)

I’ve only tested on Chrome and Edge on Windows.

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Great. Thank you Shanemo. I will test it. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem in May 2021. the preview will just randomly stop scrolling which makes showcasing the prototype so unreliable. Please fix this Axure