Help! Repeater swapping images onMouseEnter...why?

I’ve a repeater of images. Even though the image is transparent, if I add a drop shadow on hover, the shadow follows the square boundaries of the image. To get around this, I added a hidden “shadow” widget that is hidden by default but that shows onMouseEnter and hides onMouseOut.

This worked when I only had one row in the repeater, but when I added all the rows, onMouseEnter not only does the shadow layer show, but the image is swapped for the image in the last row of the repeater.


Repeater.rp (215.7 KB)

I deleted all the actions on the repeater, and it’s still swapping out image. This is surreal.

How odd! I’ve dug around in your file and looked at all the settings, but I’m not seeing anything particular about the image widget in the file in its current state that would point to what’s causing this. We have seen a couple of bugs in the past where events like OnMouseEnter or interaction styles would cause images on repeaters to default to the last image in a repeater, but these are fixed on the latest build. It doesn’t look like this happens with new image widgets, so it appears that something about how the original image was worked with prior to getting into its current state caused it to become buggy. If you’re able to list the steps you took then that would help to reproduce the issue on our end so that we can file a bug report for it.

For now, it looks like swapping the current “Sticker” widget with a new one works as expected. I didn’t have your bat image on hand to re-import into the file, but I’ve attached the edited file for you here, which should behave normally. Hopefully that helps!
Repeater Edit.rp (204.8 KB)

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