Help - Strange gap appearing with multiple Push/Pull actions

I’m working on a form mock up with a whole host of dynamic “show” actions so that different parts of the form appear depending on what you select as you go through. Mostly it’s working as expected, however I’m getting a gap appearing above one of the sections when it appears. I’ve tried moving the positioning of the hidden section but that just causes it to push other areas of the page out of position when it appears.

It’s more of a niggle than a real issue but I was wondering if anyone could take a look as see if it can be fixed?

To get the gap to appear, choose the option “V3-Carousel” in “Advert Types”, then click the “Translate” button next to “Primary Message”

Admin.rp (367.3 KB)

Hi DebbieB!

The reason why gaps are appearing in between your widgets is because the widgets are grouped together, which does not prevent them from getting moved individually when showing/hiding with push/pull. When working with push/pull, you’ll want to use dynamic panels, rather than groups. Dynamic panels act as actual containers and the widgets inside the DP containers cannot be moved individually, which is what you would want for push/pull IX. I’ve edited your file to demonstrate this - lmk if you have any questions.

And one last thing I want to mention, as my own general recommendation, is to vertically lay out all the widgets on the page, so there aren’t any widgets sitting on top of one another. This makes it easier to visualize the hierarchy of the widgets, and will also allow for easier editing later on. And rather than setting them to hidden on the canvas, set them all to visible and hide the widgets you want hidden initially with OnPageLoad with pull. This is totally optional, though. :slight_smile:

Admin_EDIT.rp (396.0 KB)

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Thank you very much for you help Jane! I’m fairly new with Axure (started using it full time 2 months ago) so I’m very grateful for all the tips and advice. :slight_smile: