Help! Validation related

Hello, i just started exploring more about AXURE, especially Axure 8, i’m having trouble, my lecture ask me to make a validation for text field (type as file, so we must upload a file on it), turns out my lecture doesn’t know the way either.

I’m a bit confused on the conditional setting. I’ve been looking through the internet how to make that validation possible but haven’t been able to find what I need.

Can someone help me on this? Thanks.

@inggriedkurniawan if i don’t understand wrongly, you want to upload a file, and validate against the filename to check if the file is an image (with .jpg / .png / etc.) or some other similar validations?

If yes, then in my POV, i think it might be a bug in Axure RP 8

i created a file type text field, and attach 2 events on it:

  • OnLostFocus()
  • OnTextChange()
    And both of them did the same thing: display the content of the text field in a box

Surprisingly, the OnTextChange() event failed to capture the text change, which is a bug in my opinion, because the content is indeed changed as proved by OnLostFocus() event

Untitled.rp (48.1 KB)


As a workaround, i would suggest you try using OnLostFocus() event, although it requires a manual click after you select the file