Help with Multi-layer accordion! :(

Hi everyone! I am still a little bit new to axure and am currently experiencing a LOT of trouble trying to get my multi-level accordion to perform properly.

I have two headers, each with a dynamic panel body. In each of these dynamic panel bodies, there lies 5 headers that each have their own body. Overall, it performs fine when clicking from one to the next. However, I need to add the functionality of collapsing the previous headers when clicking on the next (the headers that are inside the dyamic panel body of each top header). However, when I try to set the case to “hide” the other bodies, it does, but it pushes the next header below it way down.

Can someone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it?

Hi ,
Check if this works.

EnterpriseCustomer_v120.rp (1.6 MB)

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