Help with Select, edit record in repeater

Hi good axure folks. I am having trouble doing the following with my axure file. Please help

  1. Modify Axure file to allow the selection of only one record at a time. Meaning, when a record is selected, any previously selected record must become deselected.

  2. Modify the Edit button, so that when it is clicked, the edit popup will display the data from the selected record.

  3. Update Search, so that when the user initiates a search for a record, only the found record will be displayed highlighted in grid

help.rp (311.1 KB)

Hey HDAxr!

Please find the edited file below.

For making it so that only one row in the repeater is selected at a time, you would need to deselect the “Isolate Selection Groups” styling, then add some selection and deselection interactions and styles to your repeater rows. Grouping all of the widgets and placing a simple, transparent shape widget underneath the repeater row’s widgets will allow for selection styling without the use of a dynamic panel. You can create OnMouseOver and OnSelection styles to this widget. When this widget is grouped with the other repeater widgets, and the group is set to trigger mouse interaction styles, mousing over any part of the repeater row will allow the simple shape widget to show its OnMouseOver styling. You can use the hotspot widget to fire select and deselect actions, and use this selection state to determine when these interactions should fire:

You can learn more about using selection groups on our Groups article here.

You can learn more about triggering mouse interaction styles here.

Currently, the Edit popup is not showing the data from the marked row because the popup is placed outside of the repeater. Interactions such as “Set selected option equal to text on [repeater widget]” are able to work within a repeater row because that specified row’s data has already been determined, but this interaction used outside of the repeater will not be able to pull the specified row’s data, and will instead default to the content in shown the repeater’s first row. Instead of using these interactions, you can set up a series of global variables to gain values when the repeater’s hotspot has been clicked. Mapping the repeater row’s item data to global variables will save these values for use elsewhere on the page:

You can then use this global variable data to select list options that match these global variables.

One thing to note is that the data found in the row’s items will need to exactly match the value of the droplist option. Currently, the item.EditMode data does not show a selected option because additional data is stored in this item column. To work around this, you can move this additional data to a separate item column and widget in the repeater.

Finally, for the search function, I would recommend using the filtering values described in our advanced repeater tutorial. Using this function will allow the search functions to filter correctly.

Hope this helps!

help_edited.rp (304.5 KB)

Awesome! You rock! This works great! I I’ve learned so much from your edited version. By the way, the repeater has single column filter. Is there a way to do multi facets/columns filter in a repeater (filter across multiple columns)? I would love to be able to do that here. Hope to hear from you soon

Hi HDAxr!

So glad to hear that it helped! :smiley: Hmm, it sounds like you would like to create filters that can search beyond a single repeater column. You could do this by creating a compound filter rule, as described in the advanced repeater filtering tutorial. Using boolean values, you can have the filter search for instances where a value matches any items for multiple repeater columns.

I also wanted to mention that in the edited file, it looks like all filters are removed when the text on any of the search rows reverts to a blank state–if you would prefer that other repeater filters remain in tact when a search field is cleared, you can change the search field’s interaction to only remove the filtering for a particular filter name.

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