Help with using Masters

I have a complex situation that I am trying to work through. I have a series of wireframes for different countries. Many of the items I am using are the same across all regions so I wanted to use Masters so I can make one change and then that change propagates across all wireframes for that segment.

My top level page will then consist of multiple Masters and then also have sections that are unique to that region.

My problems is in dynamic triggering. There are times when the trigger I need in one master is contained in another master. When I go to configure a case I can only see the elements that exist in the master that I am working on.

Is there a way to configure a case that is inside a master with an element somewhere else in that page?

For each trigger in your master (click, mouseenter, focus, whatever event it is) add a Raise Event action and give it a name that represents what the event is so you can recognize it later.

Then when you place your master, you’ll see the Raised Events like you would other events that you can attach conditions and actions to.

TL;DR: Since masters exist unaware of where they could be placed, you only define the events on them. You define the actions when you place them.

Thanks for the quick reply. Works great. Exactly what I needed.