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Hi all, and thanks in advance for the help you will give me.

I’m working on a list of elements and i would like to hide some of them to sort the list.
So by default all is visible and by clicking a button, some of them disappear and the rest of the list should be pulled.

I can not have this result because the bottom element always have a big padding top. I pretty sure that this padding problem is related to the size of the top element that i hide too.

So, I have to “cheat” (find a workaround) to have the effect that i want. I used a “wait” action set to 500ms to avoid the bottom element to have a big padding top.

You will find in attachment my Axure file, you can delete the wait action to see the problem.

Vue accueil.rp (88.3 KB)

Thank you


Hi. Not sure if i completely understood what you are hoping to do, but have you considered using the Set Size command?
You can add that after the Show/Hide command

Thanks @iravid but the size doesn’t matter . It just that i have some big spaces between my elements after the hide and pull.

Hi! I took a quick look at your file and I believe the issue you’re seeing is due to the animations on the cases that hide your widgets with pull. Since the actions are firing simultaneously and have timed animations on them, what seems to be happening is that the widgets are both trying to hide themselves and pull up content below them as the widget above is doing the same; this creates the odd spacing, which doesn’t happen if the animations are removed. Your current solution of adding a wait that is the same length as the first action’s animation time is what I would suggest, as it makes sure that one widget finishes fully hiding and pulling widgets before the second one takes its turn to do the same and wind up in the correct position.

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