Hide Axure top row in preview

is there a possibility to hide the top row (with axure settings)?
Is confusing in user tests. Sometimes its pops out when you come too close to the left corner
In basic link the left environment with the pages remains visible

You can hide it in publish mode by appending “.html” to the page name.

For example if your published url is:

To hide the grey axure bar, you would rename it to:

You can’t do this with settings I don’t think, but you can add your own CSS for this sort of thing.

The attached file is just a text box that you can write CSS in; every time a page that contains this is loaded, it creates or replaces a style tag in the the main window (i.e. not the frame that the page is in) and adds your CSS to it. You can obviously hide it or place it off the edge of your page as necessary.

The attached example includes some CSS to hide the top bar.


Hide Top Bar.rp (48.4 KB)