Hide bottom of inline frame/dynamic panel problem with scrollbar

I’m making a prototype using a mock up of a browser and want to show the prototype in this browser. I do this using an inline frame. Problem is that is shows both vertical and horizontal scrollbars. I would like to have the vertical scrollbars but not the horizontal.
I’ve wrapped the inline frame in a dynamic panel and cropped of the horizontal scrollbar, but it shows a stroke at the bottom. How do i remove this?

Hard to see just what you are pointing at… is it the thick white area or the gray gradient, or the barely perceptible slightly darker gray line under your gray area?

Have you tried shrinking the height of your dynamic panel until the stroke disappears? That should do it.

If you are talking about a 2px gray “stroke” this might be from the inline frame’s border. You can hide the border of the inline frame in Axure by right-clicking and selecting “Toggle Border” (or select the “Hide Border” checkbox in the Inspector pane. If you want other borders, you can put a rectangle widget behind your inline frame. Set the rectangle dimensions 1 px taller than the inline frame and position it 1 px above the inline frame to show only the top border (e.g., if inline frame is at y=10, move rectangle to y=9.) To show all borders, or thicker borders, increase the rectangle dimensions accordingly. This works well for dropshadow effects as well.

Also, if your inline frame is set to be just a bit wider than its content (your browser mockup) and the inline frame has the default setting of “Show Scrollbars As Needed” then the horizontal scrollbar won’t show up at all. You’ll need to account for the inline frame border (if shown) and the width of the horizontal scrollbar, so something like 21 px wider should work. You may have to monkey around with the inline frame width to get the horizontal scrollbar to disappear. Then you won’t need your extra dynamic panel.

Good luck! If you still have issues, could you post your .rp file here? That will help people help you faster.

Thank you very much for your reply!