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Hey all.

Does anybody know how to hide the nav bar when publishing a prototype to Axure share?I thought this used to be an option in the generate HTML window, but it doesn’t look like it’s there anymore.

Hi! The option to hide the nav bar isn’t in the Axure RP 9 publishing UI, but if you want to distribute the prototype URL without the nav then you can modify the URL to point directly to the landing page’s HTML. For example, if your landing page is the “home” page and your URL is 123ABC.axshare.com, then sending out a link to 123ABC.axshare.com/home.html should load the prototype without the nav. Alternatively, if you want the nav included but have it hidden, then clicking the “X” at the top left will collapse it and only show it again if the user hovers the top-left corner of the prototype to expand it again. Hopefully that helps!


Thanks for the reply. I should’ve been clearer in my original message. It’s not the axure nav bar I want to hide, it’s the browser nav bar (the one at the top of the screen with the URL in it). Is there a way to do this?

Ah! Thanks for the clarification. This would depend on how you’re viewing the prototype. There isn’t a way to hide the browser navigation bar when viewing the prototype on the desktop browser, however if you’re viewing the prototype on mobile then there are a couple of options. If you view the prototype in the Axure Share mobile app then the browser navigation should be hidden for you, and you can choose whether or not to show the status bar as well.


If you’re viewing the prototype in your mobile browser instead of the mobile app, then you should be able to add the prototype to your home screen and then launch it from there; this should show it without the browser navigation.

As far as viewing prototypes on a desktop, the closest you would get to hiding the browser nav would be to use the Axure Cloud desktop app, which is currently in beta and at the moment only available for Mac. You can check that out here if you’re interested:

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