Hide 'Project options' when 3-times tap in mobile prototype

It seems there is a built-in feature in every prototype you make, where if you tap3 times anywhere on the screen, you get ‘Project Options’ - I would really like to toggle-off this feature when testing with users.

Is this possible? I feel like I have looked everywhere … thanks! :slight_smile:

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Figured it out myself:

In project-holder, go to: resources > scripts > player > axplayer.js

Search for the following:


and comment out all the lines that shows up. Should be 1 line for the first mentioned, and 2 lines for the second mentioned.


If someone finds a way to do this via their own interface (Axure RP), please let me know :slight_smile:

Is there any way to do this when hosting a project on axshare too?

It seems like when uploading to axshare the changes to the axplayer.js file are being ommited. Perhaps axshare is using their own version of the script files and not the one that is being uploaded?

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