Hide / show widgets in outliner

edit: looks like you can hide Groups only in Outliner, it is strange…nevermind…am I right ?
Still doesn’t work properly, some can be hidden some can’t. I don’t know why , is there some rule or are these just random ? @Jane_Axure @Alyssa_Axure
Build 3625

Hi uxkarel!

I’ll be happy to clarify. The “Hide from view”/“Show in view” option in the Outline pane is only available with dynamic panels, groups, and masters. Regular widgets do not have this option. :slight_smile:

Well well and is it feature or bug ? Because I don’t see any good reason to this. Thanks for clarification of exclusion though :}

Hi uxkarel,

This is currently expected, but I’ll let our product team know you’d like this option for regular widgets too!

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Great thank you. I hope I not alone who will be very grateful for such feature.

Hi Jane,

The issue I’m having is that it seems I can hide dynamic panels, but I can’t hide nested dynamic panels. In my screenshot you’ll see I can hide dp_picker but I can’t hide dp_sort. I only have the option to add a state.

Hi apbitner,

It looks like the “Hide from view” option doesn’t appear when converting a widget inside a DP to a DP, but will appear if you convert the outer DP to a DP. Regardless, this sounds like a bug, and I’ll get it filed with our QA team. :slight_smile:

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