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I have a toolbar where each button has simple interactions - for each, clicking shows a manual list of cases (no conditional logic) for different scenarios. The trouble is that I can’t “hide” these lists once I’ve clicked on the button - so if the user decides they don’t want to click on any of the list items, they can’t hide the lists. If you click on multiple buttons, all of a sudden you have multiple lists on top of one another. I’ve looked and looked and can’t find a way to hide these case lists on click outside or on mouse out. Any advice? Many thanks in advance! Appreciate this community!!

See screenshot below:


@mchauss correct, there is no way to hide those case lists

so one option is to add another case “do nothing” or “Cancel”, and simply leave it blank inside

Thank you @steven.wang

One point of clarification - I understand you suggest I name a third case “Cancel” or “Do nothing”, but what action should I give it? I can’t seem to find a way to create a third case without attributing an action.

If you currently already have two cases without conditions in your interaction, then you can add another case by mousing over the event name and clicking “Add Case”; this should put the focus automatically on the new case name, which you can name “Cancel” or the like. Then, without doing anything else, you should then be able to preview your project and when the event is triggered, you should see your first two cases and along with the third case; clicking the third case should close all of the bubbles without doing anything else, since the case has no action on it. Hopefully that helps!

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