Highlighting components

I want to highlight certain components in my page using a colored panel/box with dotted borders. Now I want the option to hide all these highlighters at once before or on previewing the page or publishing it similar to what we have for notes. Please let me know how this can be done.

If I understand correctly, one way that comes to mind is:

Select the objects, right click and create a “selected” interaction style for them all. This will be your highlighted state.

Create a hidden hot spot somewhere and put an OnMove event on it which unselects them.

Move this hotspot by x0 y0 as and when you want to remove the highlights.

If you’re wanting to do this for documentation purposes, there’s a few built-in features that might get you close.

If you add Notes to your widgets and choose the option “Include Widget Notes as Footnotes” when you generate the page, colored numbers will appear next to those widgets on the site. There’s a way you can turn them on-and-off under the “Notes” side panel.

If the widgets you want to highlight are all interactive, you can use the “Highlight interactive elements” button on the “Pages” panel.