Highlighting issue

I have rectangular panels on my widgets to highlight that they are new components in the project. However when I preview them on clicking they hide and then i proceed with playing around with my widgets however i do not want them to get hidden. Is there a way to control that so that panels also remain and I can access my interactive widgets too?

For those following along at home, rahulzlpr wrote in to our help desk with this question. If you use a dynamic panel with a colored background as a highlight and put it on top of another widget then the panel will block the mouse interactions on that widget; putting the panel behind the widget or putting the widget inside of the highlight panel are a couple of ways to allow the clicks to fire.

Alternatively, you can use a Fire Event action on the dynamic panel so that it triggers the interactions on the widgets that it’s covering; this should still allow the widgets underneath it to be “clicked” via Fire Event even if the panel overlaps them.

Hopefully that helps anyone with similar questions! Cheers!